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Women Police of Alaska

President’s Corner

Michele Logan

MAY 2015
After eight years as President of Women Police of Alaska, this will be my last President’s Corner.  Writing today as your Past-President, it is my pleasure to introduce the Women Police of Alaska officers and board for 2015 – 2017 resulting from our recent biennial election:

President –                 Andrea Jacobson
Vice President -                   Kris Sell
Secretary -                  Julie-Dee Sharkey
Treasurer -                  Rae Arno
Board Member -         Kelly Alzaharna
Board Member -         Maxine Andrews
Board Member -         Cheryl Gilmour
Board Member -         Kim Horn

Those board members who able to attend our Biannual meeting at the Glacier Brewhouse in Anchorage on April 20, 2015 during the Alaska Peace Officers Association (APOA) Crime Conference were sworn in (below).

new WPA Board
From left to right, Michele Logan – Past President,
Julie-Dee Sharkey – Secretary, Maxine Andrews – Board Member,
Andrea Jacobson – President, Kris Sell – Vice-President.

 Congratulations to the new board! 

WPA had a very successful silent auction on April 23, 2015 during the banquet/wine-tasting evening of the APOA Crime Conference.  Thank you to all our members and supporters who donated items for the auction –over thirty items in all.  After a nominal credit card service fee (thank you to Kalie Bell at APOA for allowing us to use their credit card payment app), we raised $1,690.42 for our scholarship and recruitment fund. 

Speaking of recruiting, we co-sponsored a spring Women in Law Enforcement Recruitment Fair on April 15, 2015 at the University of Alaska Anchorage with the Alaska State Troopers, the UAA Justice Center, the Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police, and UAA Career Services.  The spring fair was smaller than the fairs we have had in October and we will probably stick to the October only schedule in the future.  The next Women in Law Enforcement Recruitment Fair is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

And so begins the process of transitioning Andrea into her new position of President.  She has been a board member at least as far back as I can remember – in any case, at least the past 10-15 years. In addition to having just finished up a two-year stint as APOA Anchorage Chapter President, she is more than prepared for the job. If she gets even half the support I have received from the WPA members over the past eight to ten years, she will be fine.  You will be hearing from her soon!

Andrea Jacobson
      Andrea Jacobson representing WPA

Stay safe and God bless!

Your PAST President,
Michele Logan

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The purpose of Women Police of Alaska shall be to secure proper training, to inspire the appointment of qualified women, to encourage the increased use of women in law enforcement, to work for the general improvement of law enforcement services, to provide an atmosphere and means to network and encourage fellowship, and to promote such services statewide.

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